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U6 Standards of Play

Length of Game:

  • (4) 8-minute quarters with (1) 5-minute half time; 

    • A running clock will be maintained between halves. Coaches are encouraged to observe the weather and take necessary precautions during unusually hot days. Games suspended due to rain or lightning will be reviewed by the YYVSO Board of Directors (BOD) to determine outcome.

  • Playing times can be less than 8 minutes when managed by the coaches and parents​​​



  • Subs are done at quarters (clock is not stopped)

  • Mandatory 75% play rule


  • Max 4 players

  • Min 2 players

  • Parity to 2 players


  • Size 3 Ball

  • Shin guards are required

  • Protective headgear is permitted

  • Jewelry/earrings is not allowed



  • 4v4 (no goalkeepers)

  • No offsides

  • No goal kicks (play is restarted via throw in)

  • No direct or indirect free kicks

  • Kick offs and throw-ins are used to start or restart play

  • Opponents should be 10 feet away from the ball on all restarts

  • No penalty kicks

  • No headers


  • First two teams on schedule are responsible for setting up field

  • Last two teams on schedule are responsible for tearing down and storing goals


  • Smoking, vaping, and alcohol is not permitted at any time

  • Pets and animals are not permitted.


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