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YVYSO Board Members

Without a dedicated group of board members, Yucaipa's soccer program would not be what it is today.  We want you to know that each board member is committed to every players social, emotional and physical development within our soccer organization.

YVYSO's board is always looking for additional volunteers who may be willing to step up to continue Yucaipa's soccer program into the future.  Anyone considering running for a Board position should obtain a copy of the by-laws, available by clicking HERE or at the voting table towards the end of the Fall Season.

YVYSO's by-laws have a detailed description of each position and its responsibilities. It is extremely important for each candidate to understand the commitment and dedication that is expected.  YVYSO is looking for motivated individuals who are willing to put their personal agendas aside so that we can continue to maintain our motto of “Family, friends, fun . . . one goal at a time!” This simple statement is the core of the strong values and tradition that YVYSO is known for and which it has grown from.

Familiarize yourself with each board member below as well as putting a face to a name.  Feel free to say "HELLO" next time you see one of us.  If you are comfortable with it, I am sure some would enjoy hugs and kisses as well, particularly our President and Vice-President.

NOTE:  Interested in becoming a future board member?  Drop the President an email, go to contact info page and fill out a request, speak to one of the current board members during a weekend game (at the main tent) or read up more about it on our "by-laws" page and we will get back to you on the process.


Bill Moreno


The President shall supervise, direct and control the recreational activities, affairs and officers within the framework of the rules and regulations of YVYSO, CYSA-S and USSF Rules and Regulations. The President is the liaison person with the District 5 Commissioner, CYSA-S and local, county and state agencies. 

Jamie Williams

Vice President

If President is absent, the Vice President shall perform all duties of the President. The Vice President is also the Chairman of the Disciplinary and Protest Committee, oversees the maintenance of any auxiliary soccer facilities operated by YVYSO and is responsible for preparation of the leagues “schedule of play”.

Christy Williams


This person shall keep a book of minutes of all meetings, proceedings and actions of the board. Shall also keep a copy of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, league insurance and a list of all members of the league and its board members.

Michaelle Wilkie


This person is the chief financial officer and shall keep and maintain adequate and correct books and accounts of the corporations properties and transactions. The treasurer shall provide financial statements and reports as required by law and is responsible for deposit of all monies and valuable in the name of the corporation. The treasurer also insures payment of bills exceeding $300 as authorized by the President or Board of Directors.

Nayomi Davidson

League Registrar

This person will keep all official records of coaches, administrators and players for YVYSO. This person will coordinate all registration activities and work closely with other Board members regarding team selection, player adds or drops, and special requests. The league registrar will also be responsible for all money collected from registration and turn over all monies to the Treasurer.

Deputy Director of Registrations

This person will assist the league Registrar with all official records of coaches, administrators and players from the developmental divisions, as well as help assist with registration, sign-ups and fielding emails/phone calls.

Luke Bruckner

Director of Coaches

Jason West

Deputy Director of Coaches

This person is responsible for the recruitment and training of coaches for the league. This person will also assist the Registrar and Divisional Commissioner with team selection and player adds.

Deputy Director of Coaches, developmental divisions. This person will assist the Dir. of Coaches with the recruitment and training of coaches in the developmental divisions. This person will assist the Deputy Dir. of Registration with team selection and player adds

Michaelle Wilkie

Director of Referees

This person shall be responsible for administration of the referee program, recruiting referees, supporting their training, development through clinics while performing assessments, and payments towards referees. The Director of Referees must update the league referees and Board of Directors of any new laws. The director of referees keeps the record of games and scores and disciplinary actions and reports these to the Board of Directors on a weekly basis.

Deputy Director of Referees

This person is responsible for assisting the Director of Referees in the recruitment, training and development of referees.  This person is also on the disciplinary board. 

Colin Wilkie

Director of Equipment

Laura Devlin

Divisional Commissioner

This person is responsible for making sure fields are properly prepared for games, i.e., field lay-out, field striping and goal/field set-up and take down. Shall insure goals are in good working condition and ready for each new season. Recommends and purchases on behalf of the Board any new equipment. Maintains proper care and supervision of any vehicles owned and operated by the corporation.

This person is responsible for the operations of the respective age group divisions, selection of Division Representatives chosen from Coaches or Team parents from each age division, reporting to the Dir. of Coaches the general status of each division and overseeing the player evaluations and drafts during the season.  Also responsible for the AllStar coaches draft as well.

Ashley Rose

Director of Communication & Publicity

This person is responsible for publishing posters and flyers to local merchants and schools prior to registration, providing all forms of publicity for the league, notifying local newspapers of registration date and location and other events. This person will assist the President in promoting goodwill on behalf of YVYSO by developing a working relationship with local media, business and community leaders

Facilities Development

This person is responsible for the maintenance of the soccer fields and surrounding landscape.  This person also develops relationships with the City of Yucaipa, Oak Glen Regional Park, County of San Bernardino and waste management liaisons.  This person also has the responsibility of maintaining semi-annual quotations of field maintenance costs with our landscaping company.

Ashley Rose

Director of Volunteers

This person is responsible for developing a volunteer program and recruiting and coordinating volunteers to assist various Board positions and committees in performing their duties. The Dir. of Volunteers shall track volunteers by providing a list of names and phone numbers and area of interest of perspective volunteers, to the Board and it’s Committees.

Silvia Saavedra /
Andrea F. Maloney

Uniforms & Sponsorships

This person is responsible for the organizing, managing and ordering of all teams uniforms along with collecting checks for sponsors  and ordering sponsor banners.

David Bocanegra

TOPS - Special Needs Soccer Program

This person is responsible for running our TOPS - Special Needs Soccer Program

Amy Parra

Director of Special Events

This person is responsible for Special Events such as ordering trophies, collecting trophy forms.   This person will also handel all picture day setup and distribution of pictures.

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