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Volunteers Are Always Needed...

YVYSO is run by friends of the community including family, players, businesses and sponsors. ​

Being a non-profit soccer organization, we are always in need of additional help.  What makes YVYSO so great is the WONDERFUL amount of volunteers who step up each season to make our soccer community one of the strongest in the area.  Without YOU, we would not bring smiles to so many children's faces.

The following are areas where we currently need volunteers click the link to contact the director:






  • FRIDAY VOLUNTEERING  Helping line fields and parking lots, getting complex ready for games.

  • SATURDAY GAME VOLUNTEERING (trash pick up, walking the fields, checking the parking lots, etc, etc.


  1. All volunteers must be live scanned at the UPS store located on 4th street and Yucaipa Blvd. Just let them know you are there for Yucaipa Soccer. This fee will be reimbursed by the League.

  2. U.S. Congress passed a comprehensive law, in 2017 (the “SafeSport Act”), focused on protecting athletes that are minors. In turn U.S. Soccer (and all U.S. Olympic National Governing Bodies – NGB) and its members (Cal South) will be utilizing U.S. Center for SafeSport to meet the requirement of the SafeSport Act to offer consistent training to any adult members who are in regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors. The League will provided you with an access code to cover the cost of the SafeSport training. Click the Link below to get started.



Remember, just a little bit of YOUR time will make for a LOT of memories in their minds!



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