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The YVYSO representative for KidSafe issues or sexual harassment complaints is Luke Bruckner.


He can be reached at



The well-being of all the Athletes in the YUCAIPA VALLEY YOUTH SOCCER is one of our greatest responsibilities as a league. 

YUCAIPA VALLEY YOUTH SOCCER has adopted the Cal South KidsSafe Policy. California Youth Soccer Association South has adopted USSF Bylaw 213 and the USYSA KidSafe program and it is the intent of Cal South to exclude from participation, at a minimum, all persons who engage in discriminatory conduct, have been convicted of crimes of violence, crimes against persons, crimes against property or felonies. Cal South will comply with all USYSA guidelines and procedures. USYSA and Cal South have placed as a condition of registration, the requirement of all Program Administrators to complete a Cal South Administrator Registration Form. Only persons who comply with this condition shall be registered as a Program Administrator by Cal South. Program Administrators are defined as: State Board, education staff, ODP coaches, and scouts, district, league and club officers, and program directors, team managers, athletic trainers, coaches, assistant coaches and substitute coaches, and anyone else who has an official capacity in the soccer program. Referees, assistant referees and 4th officials shall be governed by the rulings of the SRA, SYRA, USSF and Cal South. It is the policy of Cal South that every reasonable effort will be taken under the KidSafe program to exclude from program responsibilities (not to be confused with parental responsibilities affecting their own children) any adult or minor with a documented history of child molestation, e.g., a criminal record, that would bring any unnecessary risk to the health and safety of Cal South's soccer program participants. All Program Administrators shall agree to be subject to a legally sensitive criminal history check requiring fingerprinting before their participation in the Cal South soccer program.






San Bernardino



13 things your League can do to reduce the risk of sexual exploitation of children:


1. Never fill your coaching slots with a "warm body". Check background, experience and history of a volunteer.


2. Don't allow an adult to come, unsolicited, into your league solely to coach children of a particular gender or age. 


3. Create structure where multiple adults share responsibility for the well being of each team. 


4. Follow up on players who leave a team without explanation. Minimally, a phone call asking about the reasons is essential.


5. Educate parents about the expectation that they will raise issues to the coach or club to assure that issues are properly addressed. 


6. Have a strong and vigorously enforced rule prohibiting fraternization. 


7. Prohibit gift giving by volunteers that is excessively lavish or is not equal amongst the entire team. 


8. If there is a concern about the motives of a new or unfamiliar coach, consider asking more experienced coach to co-coach for a few sessions with the coach and to mentor the new coach. 


9. Require all team travel to be preceded by a plan for lodging, supervision and other details, and to be signed by all parents and players. 


10. No club volunteer should be alone in the front seat of a vehicle with a child who is not part of his or her family or household.


11. Avoid being isolated with a child, or leaving a player unsupervised. 


12. Do not let volunteers who are not approved by YVYSO risk management be active in your league.


13. Check local police agencies for a list of convicted sex offenders before and after each session

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