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Looking to Referee?

Have You Refereed in the Past? 

Are You Able To Volunteer As A Referee?

Referees are always needed and are always appreciated by what they do.


Referees are the mediators and controllers behind the play of the game.  Before you can become a referee, you need to go through some standardized testing to ensure that you understand and are familiar with the rules of the game. 

Parents, players and fans need to understand that YVYSO's referees do their best during each game.  As intense as a game may be for you, YVYSO does not allow any sort of harassment to any ref before, during or after a game from coaches, parents or players.  Should it come to the attention of the board, you will be asked to leave the fields.​

Remember:  Referees are volunteers too and participate for the good of the game.  Respect them and that will go a long way.


See Details Below


If you are interested in refereeing in the FALL SEASON, please contact our Director of Referees via email "​Director of Referees" with your name and contact information so you can be added to the referee list.

We will be scheduling refereeing and re-certification classes in the near future so keep looking at our calendar of events page.

Should you be a returning referee, you will be receiving an email with some information that needs to be filled out so keep checking your inbox for it.

Emails for FALL SEASON information will be sent out soon.  If you do not get an email by the end of July, or if you are interested in refereeing, please email the Director of Referees.

NOTE:  All referees over the age of 18 need to have a LiveScan on file with Cal South.  Ask the Director of Referees for further information.


We will be assigning games each week.

In order to be scheduled to referee, we need to rebuild our ACTIVE REFEREE LIST.  Once we have your information we will include you on our weekly email which will look something like this:

"We are now taking availability for Saturday x/x/2013.  Please include your name, age, available times and ability (i.e. center up to U14 or A/R only up to U12), also include any conflict of interest (i.e. dad coaches GU14 Raiders or brother plays on CU10 Mighty Mice).  First come first served.  Schedule should be posted before Wednesday morning."

NOTE:  To be placed on the ACTIVE REFEREE LIST please email the following...

1.  Full Name

2.  Mailing Address

3.  Best Phone/Text Number

4.  Email Address

You can email the Director of Referees by clicking HERE




Quick and Easy Referee Certification


Saturday, March 12


Clicl HERE to get more details


Every week, the Director of Referees will be placing the Referee Schedule below as well as on the Referee Schedule link above. Be sure to read the Game Assignment instructions to the left.


REF SCHEDULE (open soon)

Note:  To view previous weeks referee schedules,

Click Here 


Any questions, email Jon Yanceye, the Director Of Referees at

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