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  • When is Registration?
    Yucaipa Soccer has two different seasons; the Spring Season and the Fall Season. The Spring Season registration usually begins around January-February with online registration opening roughly two weeks beforehand. Expect to see flyers and banners placed around Yucaipa and to the entrance of the Rick McCown Soccer Complex in late January, early February. If your child attends a school in Yucaipa, a flyer will be sent home with them as well. The Fall Season registration usually begins around the 1st week of May for both online and "in-person" registration. Keep your eyes alert as flyers and banners go out during this time as well. Fall usually fills up quickly and we have to start turning people away due to being at capacity. So, register early!
  • Where in Yucaipa does registration usually happen?
    There is always an EASY way of doing something and then a way that still works but just takes a little longer. We leave that decision up to you! EASY WAY... You can register online through a secure site. Please note, if you register online, there are certain steps you must follow. See below: REGISTER ONLINE BY GOING TO Note: All online registrations may pay by credit card or e-check (e-check with a small convenience fee), or you can choose to send in a check. Those wanting to pay by check must send in a copy of the registration with the check to YVYSO Registrations PO BOX 17 Yucaipa, CA 92399. ALL NEW PLAYERS must send in a copy of their county issued birth certificate and a copy of the completed REGISTRATION FORM. (click on "registration form" to open form). NOTE: You can also scan and attach your birth certificate to the online registration by following the steps when registering. We typically have "LIVE" registration in two areas... (1) At the St Albans Church on 5th St and. (2) At our soccer complex (Rick McCown Soccer Complex) Visit the site for updates under the "REGISTRATION" page Or go to our Facebook page and you will be kept up to speed on where to go.
  • If I Have Multiple Children, Do I Get A Discount?
    For Fall Soccer, YES! Spring Season is a flat rate. We appreciate those who produce little bundles of joy. The more the better is how we think, just as long as you don't go crazy with too many! Should your children include more than 1 child, then your first child will pay the normal price and every child thereafter will pay a discounted rate. Typically, you will save $5 per each additional child.
  • Does YVYSO Offer Scholarships For Players?
    Yes we do. We offer one scholarship for every 100 players that sign up. We do not know how many scholarships we will have available each Fall season until July, when the majority of players have registered.
  • How Would I Apply For A Scholarship?
    YVYSO offers scholarships for those who may be in need of it financially or to those who are facing circumstances that are beyond their control. Our scholarships are awarded on merit, not on a first come-first served basis, so the more information you are able to provide us as to why you are requesting a scholarship, the more you help us decide who really needs the most help. Note: Scholarships cannot be awarded to the same family two years in a row, unless there are extremely unusual circumstances. Scholarships are done by petition request and are then approved by a majority of the Board Members vote. REGISTERING ONLINE? If you are going to register online, then be sure to include the Scholarship Form along with your child's birth certificate when you fax/email/mail the registration form. REGISTERING IN PERSON? If you will be registering in person, you will need to fill out a registration form as normal. When you come up to the registration table, let one of the board members know that you are requesting a scholarship. Be sure to print out the Scholarship Request Form and bring it with you. The Scholarship Request Form can be filled out and printed by going HERE. NOTE: All families who receive scholarships are expected to complete 10 hours of volunteer work with YVYSO during the season. Contact our registrar for more information.
  • Is it too late to join?
    Fall season closes in September. Spring season opens in January.
  • What Is Your FALL Soccer Program?
    Fall soccer with YVYSO is a recreational program that allows ALL PLAYERS the ability to play at least 75% of each game. This method keeps parents involved, coaches consistently training and the players content. Our fall season is ten (10) weeks long with each team practicing twice a week for an hour and a half session. The vast majority of games are played on a Saturday. Occasionally a game may occur mid-week, depending on the number of teams we have signed up during that season. Should midweek games be scheduled, they will usually fall on a late Friday afternoon. This usually applies to the older age divisions (U14 and up). Games are played at the Rick McCown Soccer complex. Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. The top two teams in our U10, U12 and U14 age groups go on to the Commissioner’s Cup, which takes place at a predetermined location within the Inland Empire in December. During the Fall season, we have two divisions for each age bracket starting from U6 to U19. There is a COED division and a GIRLS division, Girls may choose which division they wish to participate in. Boys can only play COED. Note: All U6 teams will be COED. For the 2013 FALL SEASON, practices start during the first week of August and games start on Septemner 7th.
  • How Do I Sign My Child (or myself) Up For Fall Soccer?
    YVYSO's Fall registration begins around May 01 and CLOSES once all brackets are full and/or around the middle of JULY All dates and times can be found under the REGISTRATION tab on our website. Each Fall before the school year is over, every child who attends school in Yucaipa, receives a flyer to take home. Be sure to ask and/or check their backpacks as important information is on the flyer with specific dates, times and locations.
  • How Old Does My Child Have To Be To Play Soccer In The Fall Season?
    Your child must have turned 4 by July 31st of this upcoming FALL season to be eligible to play this Fall.
  • What Apparel Does YVYSO Provide In The Fall?
    During the fall season, YVYSO provides a jersey, soccer shorts and socks. Parents/Players must provide their own soccer cleats, shin guards and an appropriate sized soccer ball.
  • What Other Equipment Does My Child Need?
    Besides what is provided in the Fall season by YVYSO, you or your child will have to bring their own soccer cleats, shin guards and appropriate sized ball to practices and games.
  • What Is Spring Soccer?
    Spring soccer is a fun, non-competitive six (6) week program of once a week practices and weekly games. All games are played on Saturdays at the Rick McCown Soccer Complex off of Oak Glen Rd. All teams are COED (they contain boys and girls in almost equal numbers). There are no fundraisers, photos, pizza parties, sponsors, ref-fees, All-Stars or standings. It’s all about playing soccer, just for the FUN of it! During the Spring season, YVYSO has roughly 800 players who decide to come out, enjoy in the fun and compete with their teammates and friends. Being that we don't keep official scores of each game, the players can focus on further developing their skills for the upcoming fall season. Whether you are brand new to soccer or have been playing for many years, the spring season is a GREAT time to come out, learn from our outstanding coaches, create new friendships and have FUN!
  • How Do I Sign Up For Spring Soccer?
    We normally start registering for Spring soccer towards the end of February and continue into March. Come February, keep checking on our website as the details of WHEN registration begins and WHERE you will need to go to register will be posted under the REGISTRATION tab. ​ Should you or your child attend school in Yucaipa, a YVYSO flyer will be sent home from your school outlining the registration times, when practices and games begin and where to go to register. For new players not previously registered with Cal South and/or YVYSO, we will need to see an official birth certificate. NOTE: You can now REGISTER online through a secure, fast and efficient method. No waiting in lines, no coordinating your schedule to the registration dates, just fast and easy registration. Click Here To Register Online (If link is not active, it will be when registration opens).
  • How Old Does My Child Have To Be To Play During The SPRING Season?
    Your child has to have turned 4 by July 31st of the previous year . For example to play in Spring 2024, your child must have been 4 by July 31st 2024.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Play Spring Soccer?
    The cost is a FLAT rate with no other costs incurred. Where else can you have as much fun, gain new friendships, renew old ones and develop your skills for such a low price? For families who may be new to the soccer experience, have kids that may be a little apprehensive as they haven't played before, are afraid that they have two left feet or think soccer is where you throw socks at "her", then Spring is a great time to come out under non team-standing scenarios, where we don't keep track of scores. There is a reason soccer is the most watched sport in the world and it all begins with playing.
  • What Uniform Will YVYSO Provide In The Spring?
    A soccer jersey is provided in the Spring. Players will be responsible for their own soccer shorts, socks, shin-guards and cleats.​ ​ The shorts and socks can be of any color. If you are buying new though, we recommend buying BLACK as it will go with all jersey colors. Should you be ok with making a WOW statement that "may" distract your opponents, then that is your choice and we salute you and all your inner bravery!
  • Does every player on a team play the whole game?
    With YVYSO, there is a 75% play rule. This means that EACH player on the team must play AT LEAST 75% of the game (or essentially three quarters). SCENARIOS WHERE A PLAYER MAY NOT PLAY 75% OF A GAME A team has no substitutes for that game. All players play the whole game. A team has a sick player whose PARENTS have elected to not have them play A player gets injured during a game and they feel like they can't play anymore. Should you have any questions about this, contact the Director of Coaches at
  • What Size Soccer Ball Is Used During Games?
    The ball size is determined by your child’s age division. U6 and U8s use a size 3 ball, U10 and U12s use a size 4 ball. U14 and up ages use a size 5 ball.
  • What size soccer ball does a player need to have?
    The ball size is determined by your child’s age division. U6 and U8s use a size 3 ball, U10 and U12s use a size 4 ball. U14 and up ages use a size 5 ball.
  • When Should I Expect To Hear From My Coach?
    Expect to receive either a phone call and/or an email (from the email you placed on your registration form) by no later than TWO weeks after the Draft Selection has happened. The Draft Selection is where the coaches meet and make selections for their team. NOTE: Please be aware that many coaches are on vacation the week after they have selected their team. Just because other teams may be practicing the week after evaluations, does not necessarily mean that your child's team will as well. ALL players/parents should be receiving a call from their coach BEFORE two weeks have lapsed from the draft selection, We have NOT forgotten about your child and YES, your child WAS selected to a team, just give it a little bit of patience. Should you NOT have received a call by the end of the second week, feel free to email the Director of Coaches and/or the Registar.
  • Where Do We Practice?
    Depending on the scheduling, our main practice area is at the Rick McCown Soccer Complex. We also have the assistance of Yucaipa Community Park which is located at the corner of Oak Glen Rd and Sunnyside as well as the 3rd Street Park. Practices are usually on one of the baseball field locations for tehse additional locations.
  • How Many Days A Week Do We Practice?
    During the Spring Season, practice is only one (1) time per week for 1 1/2 hour time slots. During the Fall Season, practice is twice a week for 1 1/2 hour time slots. Bring a soccer ball with you to practices. It is hard to practice without a soccer ball.
  • What are Evaluations?
    An evaluation is our way of ranking players in an effort to create teams that are as balanced as possible. Each player will complete a number of exercises and their performance will be judged and ranked by a board appointed committee. Every child plays at least 75% of every game, so the evaluations are not designed to pick a team, but rather to rank as many players as possible, so that all the best players do not end up on the same team. Evaluations are mandatory for players in age groups from U10 and above who are wishing to play after the regular season is over. NOTE: If your child does not evaluate they will not be eligible for Allstars.
  • A Player Missed Evaluations. Does This Mean That He/She Is Not Eligible For Allstars?
    Sadly yes. Evaluations are the most critical tool we have to help all players have as much fun during the season as possible. The more balanced our teams are, the less chance your player has of ending up on a team that gets beaten badly every week, which is no fun for anyone. Please help us create this balance by showing up for evaluations. MANY players improve dramatically throughout the soccer season, to the point where they "would" be selected for an Allstar team by their oaches. Many times, families AND players who don't evaluate wish they did because they now are not eligibile to continue on into the AllStar season.
  • What Is Allstars?
    Open Cup is an Allstar tournament for the best players in our U16 and U18 age groups. For the Fall season of 2013, this will be played in Rialto on the weekend of November 16th and 17th. Commissioner’s Cup is a tournament for the top two recreational teams in our U10, U12 and U14 age divisions. For the Fall season of 2013, the Girls’ tournament will be played December 7th and 8th in Temecula . The Coed tournament will be December 14th and 15th,also in Temecula. . Finally, the President’s Cup is an Allstar tournament for the best players in our U10, U12 and U14 divisions. For the Fall season of 2013, the Girls’ and Coed tournaments will be held in Apple Valley on the weekend of January 4th and 5th, 2014. NOTE: Each Allstar team contains the best players from every team in their age group and division. Each coach of every team makes a selection of their top players to be nominated as potential Allstar players. Allstar coaches are selected by their age bracket coaches and thereafter, an Allstar draft determines who the final players will be for that Allstar age bracket. Players MUST have evaluated to be able to participate in Allstars.
  • How Are The Allstar Teams Chosen?
    At the end of the fall season, coaches from the U10 and up age divisions select a coach to be their Allstar coach. Allstar coaches are nominated by a majority vote. In each age bracket, each coach votes on three Allstar choices (they can include themselves in their vote) with their first pick being their number 1 choice. The Director of Coaches gets emailed these results and based on who has the most number one picks, that is the coach that is selected. SHould there be a tie, then the coach who has the most picks in the second position is then considered the majority winner. All players who have evaluated and gone into the team draft are eligible for the Allstar teams. These players go onto a draft sheet and the coaches in that age group and division vote for the players they would like to see on the team. Each player has to be voted for by all the coaches to make it onto the team.
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