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Registration Questions

When Is Registration?

Where in Yucaipa does registration usually happen?

If I Have Multiple Offspring, Do I Get A Discount?

Does YVYSO Offer Scholarships For Players?

How Would I Apply For A Scholarship?

Spring Soccer

What Is Spring Soccer?

How Do I Sign Up For Spring Soccer?

How Old Does My Child Have To Be To Play During The SPRING Season?

How Much Does It Cost To Play Spring Soccer?

What Uniform WIll YVYSO Provide In The Spring?

Fall Season

What Is Your FALL Soccer Program?

How Do I Sign My Child (or myself) Up For Fall Soccer?

How Old Does My Child Have To Be To Play Soccer In The Fall Season?

What Apparel Does YVYSO Provide In The Fall?

What Other Equipment Does My Child Need?


What are Evaluations?

A Player Missed Evaluations. Does This Mean That He/She Is Not Eligible For Allstars?

Practice Questions

What size soccer ball does a player need to have?

When Should I Expect To Hear From My Coach?

Where Do We Practice?

How Many Days A Week Do We Practice?

Game Questions

Does every player on a team play the whole game?

What Size Soccer Ball Is Used During Games?


What Is Allstars?

How Are The Allstar Teams Chosen?

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