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Step by Step Coaching Requirements

   If you are on this page you have already commited to coaching and the below steps are mandatory to become a coach for YVYSO. These steps do take time but are required by Federal Law, State Law or Cal South Regulations. All of these steps are geared towards creating a safe, fun and healthy atmosphere for the kids. We thank you in advance for your time. If you should have any questions please feel free to reach out to me anytime.


Luke Bruckner

Director of Coaches

Step 1 - Download and fill out the Administrator form which can be found at the link below. This must be completed by coaches, assistant coaches and team parents. Once complete, please email to the and myself This must be done by all coaches, assistant coaches and team parents. This must be filled out each and every season. 

Step 2 -  Risk management must be completed by coaches, assistant coaches and team parents. This can be done at the UPS store located on 4th St. and Yucaipa Blvd in the Stater Brothers shopping center. Tell them you need to get a Live Scan for Yucaipa Valley Youth Soccer and they will provide you with the form to fill out. The cost is $25 and you will be reimbursed from the league once you fill out the form below and the live scan is approved. The form can be turned in at the main tent located on Field 2 during the first game of the season or any weekend after that. YVYSO will automatically be sent the results once approved and your admin form has been filled out.

Step 3 -  Coaching License. When we spoke on the phone you were told which license you will need. Below is a direct link to the CalSouth website.This must be completed by the head coach and any assistant coach that would like to particapate in post season play. This course will take about 2 hours online and will cost $15 unless you are taking the 9V9 11V11 which will be an in person coaching course. This course will take about 7 hours. Make sure you speak with me prior to signing up because we may be able to provide a discount code. This will include the concussion certificate that you must upload to your CalSouth profile. I have attached a youtube link in step 5 to learn how to upload your certificate.

Step 4 - Safe Sport. 

U.S. Congress passed a comprehensive law, in 2017 (the “SafeSport Act”), focused on protecting athletes that are minors. In turn U.S. Soccer (and all U.S. Olympic National Governing Bodies – NGB) and its members (Cal South) will be utilizing U.S. Center for SafeSport to meet the requirement of the SafeSport Act to offer consistent training to any adult members who are in regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors. The League has provided you with this access code to cover the cost of the SafeSport training. Important: Do not post this code on any social media outlet.     Access Code: (A new access code will be provided at the start of each season - check back later)

Step 5 - All head coaches, assistant coaches will need to complete a 25 minute online HeadsUp trainning course for concussions. This is a california law and must be completed. This course is free and I have attached the direct link below. Once complete please upload your certifacate to your calsouth profile following step 6

Step 6 - All head coaches, assistant coaches and team parents will need to upload their SafeSport Trained and Concussion certificates into their profile on CalSouth then the Registrar will need to verify the certificate is the correct certificate.  The SafeSport Trained certificate is uploaded by using the same process as uploading the Concussion Education Certificate.  Below is a YouTube tutorial video link on how to upload your certificates.

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