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Concepts of YVYSO Coaching

Small sided 4v4 games


U-6 division is so the kids get a feel for the game of soccer.

throw in and kick ins to get ball in play.

no goalies (this means don't have a child run back to protect goal when other team has ball.)

no corners or goal kicks


u-8 now we add the Dead ballconcepts

still no goalie (see above)

we now do throw ins goal kicks and corners. (Defenders must be 4 yards away from restart)


Small sided 7 v7 Games


u-10  now we develope build out play.

 off sides starts at build out line

add play out line (all attacking players will be behind play out line when goalie has possesion of ball.  Also goal kicks.  They may defend when goalie releases ball)

Goalie is to throw or roll the ball to one of his own players. (no punts)

We now take foul and infractions into account.



Small Sided 9V9 Games


u-12 Getting ready for the real game.


now we add the off side rule and take away the build out line.

free kicks can now be direct kicks.


11 v 11 Games 

u14 and up welcome to the real game.

All FIFA rules apply



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