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Please Fill In A TimeSlot Below With An Available 1 Hour

IMPORTANT:  Put your last name, age bracket & team # (Example: Smith GU10 #4)

TEAM VOLUNTEERING.... What Does It Mean?


YVYSO has less than 20 Board Members.  Although you may not be aware, ALL Board Members are volunteers and not one receives a check for their volunteering.  We do it all with smiles and the willingness to create the BEST soccer community available. 


For many, many moons now, our volunteer board members sacrifice their time, on occasion away from family, to offer a little "something" that will hopefully develop fond childhood memories for all the children and families involved.  Many spend countless hours prepping the fields, overseeing the Referee Table/Field Marshal Tent, continually updating our website, registering players, drafting coaches, and it goes on.  WE LOVE DOING IT and most would probabkly not change what they do.


With that said, we have developed a volunteer list for the coaches.  We ask that at least ONE team member from YOUR team volunteer a Friday morning with lining the fields and/or a Saturday, for an hour of their time, to help ready the fields for our kids' games.


What Say You? 

Help keep the smiles coming for our little ones, medium ones and the almost grown up ones.  They'll never forget it!

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