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Coaches FAQ's

These FAQ and answers should cover most of what you may want to know.  Should you still have more questions, don't hesitate to drop a line to the Director of Coaches email.  Take a step, make a leap and you will be surprised by the amount of gratification you will get by coaching!


What Does It Take To Coach?

While we aren't looking for a giraffe to teach a cheetah how to eat leaves, there really is not that much needed to coach; it all depends on how far you want to take it. 

Being that we are associated with Cal South, there is a small level of training that you will need BEFORE your games begin.

​To volunteer as a coach for YVYSO, there are several things we will need you to do.  (1)  Take a live-scan to verify your background and protect our communities children; (2)  enroll and complete the appropriate licensing requirements for the age you are coaching; (3)  be sure you can dedicate your time for practices and games as you will be required to be there and (4)  make it as great of an experience as you can for the little ones.

To find out more, please visit Cal South's coaching education site by clicking HERE.  Should you want to commit early to an upcoming season, we would LOVE for you to fill out the attached Coaching Form so that we can add you to the coaching roster for the upcoming year.  Click HERE for Coaching Form


Can I Coach More Than 1 Team?

Generally speaking, we are looking for coaches (and potential coaches) who can commit to their teams.  As long as it is NOT in the same age division, we may be ok with you coaching more than 1 team, especially if you have children in other age brackets.  The key is making sure that you don't over-commit where you find yourself not having time to really focus on either team you are coaching.

For those who want to coach more than one team, the effort will be made to not have games conflict with one another during the season. 

We recommend that you speak to the Director of Coaches to get his opinion.


Can I Have An Assistant Coach?

Yes.  Many coaches find that it is easier to have additional help during practices and games.  To be able to be an assistant coach, he/she will need to go through the quick Cal South training class as well as complete a LiveScan, just like you have done, BEFORE they are allowed to be on the coaches side of field.

TIP:  Many coaches also have a Team Parent who coordinates the pizza parties, coordinates and collects teh FundRaiser amounts (Fall season only) and any other special things you may have planned.  While the Team Parent doesn't have to go through any coaching requirements, she/he will have to have a LiveScan done as well.

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